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Kobashi has been shipping world wide since 1985

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100% Pure Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Products.

Our priorities are sourcing, testing and making the best available natural products.

We at Kobashi are dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

We believe in a holistic approach. We use the tools of science and over thirty years of experience to provide the best available products.

Nature's Gifts for the Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit.

best kind regards,

Lynda, Scott and Lily Ballard: Owners and Directors.

PS: Our motto is: Less is more until it isn't and balance in everything.

We thank the elements of the life force Sun, Earth, Water and Air.

Health and happiness to you.


There are over ~7.7 billion people on earth 7,722,994,100 x 5ml shampoo=38614970500mls (38615 tons) per day. Everyone may not use shampoo or soap, but I guess some use more than 5ml. Please use less Shampoo and soap by washing when absolutely needed. Yes we should make things as sustainable as possible and the alternative is to not wash.

It's good that we only need a couple drops of Kobashi Essential Oils at one time in 5ml of a carrier. The reality is it takes many acres to produce essential oils. Anything humans do has environmental consequences. Moderation and balance is needed. Please use as little of everyone's products as possible.

Oils help, balance our mind, body and spirit. They protect, soothe, energize and beautify our skin that protects us from the outside world.

Less is more, let the body, mind and spirit breathe. In no special order, once again, we give thanks to the sun, earth, clean air, water, plants, distillers, growers, packaging, information apparatuses, transport, customers coming back making Kobashi stronger every year.



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Making A Purchase

ESSENTIAL OILS have been used for hundreds of years for their qualities and entertaining aromas. Used responsibly the oils are a safe product provided by nature for you to enjoy. We have been using them for over 35 years without a problem.

Kobashi Essential Oils has never had a problem with the millions of bottles of Essential Oils sold; we like to be extra cautious and keep it that way.

Kobashi Essential Oils are very concentrated natural plant essence and must be used with caution and diluted before use.

All our Essential oils are packed in amber glass with an integral dropper and tamper evident cap. Tip slowly and allow one drop to come out. If more drops come out just add an extra 5ml of carrier per drop, This is the safest way to use. With more viscous oils like Sandalwood, Myrrh and Benzoin, extended time, a tap, shake or hand temperature warming may be needed to release the drops.

Used as stated on the side of the bottle they are safe and effective.


Always check the product when receiving. Once opened anything can happen due to temperature and air quality when opening. Natural products, especially hydrolats, which are water, are more likely to act like food.

Tap water in everyone's home can have bacteria and fungus, that's why chlorine is used. If you leave tap water out for a day the chlorine will evaporate and bacteria and fungus will start to grow.

If you went swimming in the sea, lake or river you will have bacteria and fungus on your skin. Our skin naturally contain bacteria.

The reason we brush our teeth, gums and floss is because there are billions of bacteria in our mouths. It wasn't until I lost a few teeth, that I brushed deep and thoroughly.

"A 'reference man' (one who is 70 kilograms, 2030 years old and 1.7 metres tall) contains on average about 30 trillion human cells and 39 trillion bacteria.

Those numbers are approximate another person might have half as many or twice as many bacteria, for example but far from the 10:1 ratio commonly assumed."

BB: (Best Before) is only a suggestion and most essential oils may be fine after this date and some can get better. The once open jar ie.,"2M" supersedes BB:

Open jar symbol and best before

We put the open cap (PAO) worst case scenario. Everyone has to understand that, although they are distilled and free of bacteria and molds at the onset, they are waters.

If you open a bottle of water what will it do? Just by breathing on it or a floating speck of dust entering it bacteria or mold could start to grow. We do not want customers to spray in eyes.

Rose and Neroli hydrolats last longer than most other hydrolats, due to naturally occurring alcohols and other water soluble components.

Chamomile, Melissa and Yarrow waters have been known to go off more quickly. The only way around this is to put a low open cap PAO or add a full spectrum preservative.

Would you like us to add preservatives? What preservatives would you like us to add?

At present we don't add preservatives to our hydrolats (aka hydrosols) , so these will be needed to increase shelf life: food grade sources: 0.1% Citric Acid (oxidation inhibitor), 0.1% Potassium Sorbate (mold inhibitor). 0.1% Sodium Benzoate (bacteria inhibitor).

Kobashi Mixed Tocopherols should be added to Carrier oils to if you want extended shelf life. Most oils and hydrolats will last longer if kept refrigerated at 5C. Some at -18C, but not some carrier oils, hydrolats or citrus oils as it won't make much difference or they may lose their aroma. Carrier oils, if frozen, should be put in the refrigerator @ 5C and when thawed taken out and used at room temperature. Shelf life may be reduced at this point. Caution: If you are allergic to wheatgerm or soybeans tocopherols are derived from them.

Moisture, oxidation, bacteria and mold can cause oils or hydrolats to go rancid. If a carrier oil when poured into hand smells rancid throw it out.We cannot control exactly how long the oils last after opening, due to many conditions. What I can say is I have seen many essential oils that were fine after 15 years. Hydrolats if past dates will need incubator for micro-biological testing at 27 to 30 degrees C for seven days with total bacterial count agar and rose bengal agar for yeast and fungi.

It is best to use common sense and don't throw them away because of a symbol, but if in doubt do so.

Due to the nature of Hydrolats, Carrier oils, creams, lotions or mixed oil products it is best to stick to what's said on the label. If in doubt do a test to see if and bacteria or fungus has incubated or rancidity has occurred.

Best before is usually advisory and refers to the quality of the product, as the quality could be fine; with essential oils, even for years to come.

Due to being a natural product, they may contain harmless sediment, very rarely, but not impossible, an insect may be found, This has happened a few times in 35 years. It can be filtered out, but if you are not happy send it back and we will replace or refund.


Avoid contact with the eye area when using oils: should this happen, immediately wash eyes thoroughly with water and repeat. Seek medical attention if stinging persists after 10 minutes.

There are a few companies on the web saying Pure Essential Oils must not say on the label do not take internally. Even though, some may be taken internally, we believe this to be irresponsible marketing. Every essential oil is different and must be treated as a different product. No clinical claims can be made for it. Personally our family has put many of our herb essential oils in soups and salade oils, (<0.01% Less is more, as you don't want to disrupt your natural gut flora.) such as Kobashi vegetable and nut oils.

Essential oils should not be used undiluted, although Lynda and Scott Ballard have been using many Kobashi oils undiluted for over 23 years. In our opinion, from 35 years in this business, anyone dropping Oregano,Thyme,Tagetes, Sage or similar oils undiluted on anyone is wrong and should be stopped immediately.

Many Aromatherapists prescribe Essential Oils internally. They are also used as flavourings in many foods, beverages and liqueurs, but are oil product specific and mixed in very low dilutions by professionals. They usually have chemical elements removed in a fractionation process to make them less irritating. We do not recommend any essential oils to be taken internally or applied undiluted to the skin - unless you are qualified. We do not mean a one few week course, we mean cross analysis research and practice with trained professionals. Although there is a lot of good information online, be careful of what you read on the Internet or listening to people that are poorly trained.

If accidentally swallowed DO NOT induce vomiting - drink at least 1 pint of water - seek medical advice. Show bottle & amount. 99% of essential oils float on water.

Certain oils may cause irritation and/or sensitizing and should be used in greater dilutions - they are all marked (Xn)

To essential oil info.

Some people may have allergic like reactions to carrier oils or essential oils, just as some people are allergic to grass or pollen. Kobashi can not be held responsible for any adverse reactions from their use. If you are prone to skin sensitivity and allergic reactions, dilute oils to 0.5% or less. If in doubt of the amount please get professional advice or don't use them.

Do not use essential oils in tanning beds.

(Expressed: (CP) cold pressed Citrus oils) marked (S), and Tagetes should not be used on skin before exposure to the sun. Do not use in the sun or under ultraviolet light as this oil is photo sensitive - absorbs sunlight. People with lighter skin may be 4x more likely to have a problem with skin redness if this oil is used on the skin while in sunlight. Choose the distilled citrus oils, as furanocoumarins are not easily distilled into the final product. This does not apply when used in a shampoo, bath, Soap Base, as most is washed away. This does not pertain to vaporizing, but maybe if in a contained small glass space with sun shining on you or sunbed,Special interest note: when drinking citrus juices you have been consuming furanocoumarins. Fruit juices are beneficial in small doses, but like any concentrated product dilution is best.

To essential oil info.

When mixing essential oils in a carrier make sure they are well mixed.

If using essential oils on the face or sensitive areas use at less than 1%. If in doubt of the amount use 1 drop in 10ml or more of carrier mixed well.

Essential oils that need to be diluted to .05% avoid face or sensitive areas, (or if you have too, only use at .025% or approximately 1 drop to 20ml carrier mixed very well.) Do a patch test on forearm to see if you are sensitive. Keep out of eyes and don't put on eye lids.


If applying near eyes as with any vegetable, nut or seed oil it is best to start the dilution at 5% in another carrier such as Kobashi Aloe Vera gel, Kobashi Lotion or Kobashi Coconut MCT. Do not put on top eye lid as this may run into eyes. Other parts of the body you should be able to use at 100% unless you are sensitive. Although we have not had a complaint in 35 years, Sunflower, Coconut MCT and Grapeseed oils seem to have the rarest probability of having an allergic reaction. If you have allergies we cannot guarantee 100% that you will not have a reaction. All our carrier oils are bottled near nut oils.

To patch test info.

To use simply add 4 to 8 drops in a vaporizer or on water in burner, 1 drop in 5ml (~teaspoon) of a carrier oil for on your skin or 1 to 6 drops in the bath, mixing the water well. (Oil dependent: see instructions on side of bottle.)

IF USING A CANDLE Vaporizer: Make sure the water is kept topped up and keep away from curtains. Put your vaporizer on a ceramic service. Our hot bowl and Aromastream do not need water.

Aloe Vera: people with thin sensitive skin may feel warm and get red skin after applying. Aloe Vera does increase the circulation in the skin and can make it slightly red for a short time. This is most likely due to the acids. Aloe Vera gel is often used to relieve pain and analysis shows that the gel contains salicylic acid. (like Aspirin.) Aspirin has had very good press lately and could be one of the reasons Aloe Vera is so good. To Aloe Vera

* Use Good Housekeeping procedures.

* Keep oils out of reach of children!

* Do not take internally!

* Do not use undiluted! Read bottle for dilution %: The less you use for the desired effect the better.

* 1 to 4 drops in 5ml of a carrier, < Less than 2% is a general rule, but 0.5% with some oils. Oils such as Lavender (15%) and Sandalwood (9%) can be used in up to greater % in carrier.

* Some oils are FLAMMABLE: Do not expose to direct flame or fire. Use a suitable burner - vaporizer.

* When storing essential oils Keep Away from Heat or Sunlight.

* When storing carrier oils it is best to keep them refrigerated or frozen and add Vitamin E at 0.2% to extend shelf life.

* Keep essential oils away from polished surfaces.

LOCKING AND UNLOCKING PUMP TOPS (250ml Aloe gel, Soap and Lotion) If the cap is not on very tight the tube will spin, not allowing to unlock or lock the pump. Screw cap on tight. Do not push down or pull to lock while locking or unlocking. It should be a simple quarter turn (off close) to right, and (on open) quarter turn to left. Over turning may damage the pump.

Essential Oils have been used for thousands of years for their beneficial qualities and aromas. Used responsibly the oils are a safe product provided by nature for you to enjoy.

For more information on essential oils and their uses, we suggest reading the many books on the subject. To get to the truth it's best to cross reference all publications & personal experiences. Be careful of what you read on the Internet.

There is extensive information online when clicking the additional information tab next to each product.

Please note all our products are analysed. We wouldn't have it any other way as all our family and friends use them. Our analysis come in different formats and we don't always have the time to put them online. Also we have customers that don't understand that plants are made up of different chemicals. Some say they only want Neroli or Lavender and don't want Linalool in them, when these components are nature itself! :-) So I really don't know the actual value of putting up the data. Well, each to their own. We can't please everyone, so we do the best we can with our available time and energy.

People believe what they will.

None of the information on Kobashi sites is meant to diagnose or cure and is for intellectual purposes only.

All products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and are for external use.

Shipping And Handling

SHIPPING (Carriage)

Free UK Royal mail Post Only >£50 (Not free for DHL: These means your parcel is too heavy.)

UK delivery: should take between 1 to 3 working days.

International: DHL 2 to 6 days, RM (Royal mail) Airmail signed or tracked 7-20 working days


Royal Mail: Track your item

DHL: Track your item

International deliveries delays may occur. Royal Mail for more information. Check your country: International Incident Bulletin



It's best for customers in China to order less than < 2kgs and ship by Airmail signed. This will help avoid custom problems.

Customers in Hong Kong and Taiwan, DHL is the fastest option.

All international parcels need a commercial invoice. Consignment(s) may be delayed if they require further documentation for customs clearance. Kobashi Ltd cannot be held responsible for any charges that they may apply.

You are pre paying for the postage charges of your consignment(s) only. Kobashi Ltd has no control over any customs queries or charges that may arise. It is the Customers responsibility to check whether there are taxes, duties or other customs charges for your consignment. You can do this by speaking to the Consulate of the destination country.


The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) is a free port and does not levy any Customs tariff on imports and exports. There is also no tariff quota or surcharge, or value added and general services taxes.

In general, all cargoes imported into / exported from HKSAR via air, land and sea are subject to Customs control which is done primarily through inspection of documents such as manifests. Physical examination of the goods, if necessary, is mainly conducted on a selective basis.

All countries In the event of a parcel being returned to the Kobashi Ltd from outside the UK then the charge will be the appropriate import rate for the consignment. This is likely to be higher than the price paid to export the goods. The purchaser is also liable for this charge.

Although this is rare, If your parcel is damaged or leaks, please accept the parcel and we will send new products or credit and fix what ever happens that you are not happy with.

We have only seen a couple Air Mail (Small Packets) go missing in 35 years.

Over the 35 years we have had only a few parcels damaged and never lost a parcel with Fedex, DHL or TNT.

Royal mail: (First Class Post, Air Mail (Small Packets), Air Mail tracked, Europe tracked: We are compensated up to £50 (option up to £250) for lost Air Mail parcels; (shipping cost not included). Please note: the higher we value the parcel the more you may be charged by your countries custom duty tariff.

If you want higher compensation to cover the value of the order, please ask for extra insurance. The cost is calculated according to weight and value. We will send you an adjusted invoice.

If you do not ask for extra insurance you cannot expect Kobashi to pay for the occasional lost parcel. It is rare for a parcel to go missing, but if it does please be aware of the rules of compensation.

Rules of compensation

My item hasn't arrived yet, what should I do?

Please note days to delivery are the average.

Standard First class Royal mail can take 2 to 28 days and sometimes longer,depending on your country and customs. Occasionally parcels have taken up to 30 days, but this is very rare.

If you are out when they try to deliver? You will then need to speak to your local post office. It may be will a neighbour. The parcel has brown tape with Kobashi.co.uk and address Higher Cotley Barn in Red.

In the future you may login to your account and click on My account and see if your parcel has been shipped. This isn't always updated immediately when busy. If you choose tracked services the tracking number will be there and also sent to you in an email.


Shipping method may be changed by clicking Class of Service:

Delivery: 1.) UK: 1 to 3 days (Tracked48, Tracked24, DHL), 2.) Europe: 5 to 8 days (Airmail small packets); 3 to 5 days (DHL) 3.) Other Countries 7 to 20 days (Airmail small packets) OR 2-6 days( DHL) 3.a) occasionally customs due to extra security in China and EU have taken over month. In these cases it is good to be patient, as they almost always show up.

Orders from Asia/China please send your name and address in your Country language text Character typed in separate email. 1.) Your order will be processed for delivery Monday - Friday 9am - 3 PM GMT time. 2.) Orders received after 3 will be processed the next day, due to carrier leaving at 3:30pm GMT time.

If extra shipping cost is needed for insurance on expensive items, such as Rose Otto 250ml, we will send you an adjusted invoice for your approval.

If you or customs refuse a parcel you will need to pay for the shipping both ways. It is better to pay your tax than to refuse. The good news is this has only happened a few times since 1985.


*When we are extra busy there may be a day or two delay. Please email us if this is a concern.

Delivery Schedule

Due to Covid-19 policies, shipping may take longer than stated, really did I actually have to say this.

CHINA/ASIA: occasionally has a delay: we believe due to customs and language format.

Orders from China or countries using hanzi, Japanese kanji or Korean hanja, please send your name and address, type in your national language in a separate e-mail.

Orders from Cyrillic language countries , please send your name and address, typed in Cyrillic Characters in a separate e-mail.

Very few parcels have gone missing since 1985, but if you want insurance please choose tracking and ask for compensation to value needed. Please note higher values on parcels may incur your country duty charges.

Please don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions.

Back Orders

If a product runs out of stock we will delete from your invoice and refund your card.

Tax Charges

For orders made from the UK 20% VAT is added.

All countries outside theUK will NOT be charged 20% VAT, but please check with your local customs to see if you have to pay tax, customs or duties upon entry to your country. We cannot reimburse you for these charges.

Returns Policy

Although we have never had to deal with the below, we believe this is a standard statement for most companies:

If your parcel is damaged or leaks, please accept the parcel and we will send new products and fix what ever happens that you are not happy with.

You have a period of three months to return the products if you believe they are not of your liking. Best before and open Jar symbols are for your general knowledge and a guide line under good house keeping conditions. Due to not knowing the conditions of which products are kept after leaving Kobashi the three months supersedes all other dates. Do not throw out a product due just to the best before. Best before is only a guide; most essential oils if kept in good condition will last longer than the best before. Common sense should be used to save a good product. If you don't feel capable to determine if the product is good then oberve the open jar symbol and best before.

It is impossible to get an exact currency exchange. Your purchased is in GBP and we can only refund in GBP. Exchange rates by your Banks are out of our control. If you have a different currency the amount of refund may be slightly less or more due to card exchange rates.

If there is nothing wrong with the products and you simple want to return: products must be in original condition and unopened. Please note returns will incur a 15% Restocking fee plus original shipping cost.

Please do not cancel an order because you forgot to add something. Please just place another order. If your order has been packed there will be a 15% processing fee for cancellations after order has been processed.

Your rights to return goods are protected under the EU Distance Selling Directive which can be found at http://www.hmso.gov.uk/si/si2000/20002334.htm

Remittance Terms

Products, prices and net value discounts can be changed or deleted without prior notice.

Due to supplier price increase product prices may increase without notice. We reserve the right to change the prices of an invoice.This is a rare occurrence, but when it does happen we will send you an adjusted invoice for your approval before sending.

Any damage or short delivery should be reported within 3 days of receipt. Title for goods is retained by Kobashi until full and complete payment has been received.

Legal disclaimer: The information given is not a warranty as to the performance or suitability of the product. The information must be regarded only as a description of the health, safety and environmental requirements for that product. The information contained herein is true and accurate to the best of our knowledge and belief, but does not claim to be all inclusive. Since the conditions of use are out of our control, Kobashi shall not be held liable for any damage resulting from handling or from contact with the product. It is the responsibility of the user to take all necessary measures to comply with legal requirements and local regulations. No liability is accepted in respect of any therapeutic characteristic.

Whilst Kobashi Essential Oils give the above advice in good faith, it is not intended to be a substitute for customers own testing to ascertain good safety procedures.

Disclaimer: Information provided in this electronic message is provided "as is" without warranty representation or condition of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to conditions or other terms of merchantability and/or fitness for a particular purpose. The user assumes the entire risk as to the accuracy and the use of this message and the content. Errors & Omissions excepted.