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Kobashi Essential oil Information leaflet

ANGELICA ROOT (distilled)

(Xn) although I have not found photo toxic Furanocoumarins, some literature states Angelica root as photo toxic, they probably meant Angelica Root Absolute. (S) Archangelica officinalis - aroma: earthy, musky, herbaceous. Soothing oil for fatigue & stress, an appetite stimulant, detoxifying. Used in high grade perfumes for musk -like notes which are hard to define. Also used in high grade Liqueurs.

BASIL (Linalool)

Ocimum basilicum - Invigorating oil, good for clearing mind/aiding concentration - especially when tired. Ideal after a stressful day.


(~50%) (Xn) Styrax benzoin - Contains vanillin which gives it a creamy, soothing, vanilla aroma. May need warming. Resin- not essential oil.


(S) Citrus bergamia - Relaxing, refreshing, excellent for skin care - especially oily or blemished skin. Used to flavour Earl Gray Tea.


(Xn) Piper nigrum - Stimulating, warming oil. Helpful muscle rub, use in massage oil before and after exercise. Strengthening, aids digestion and concentration.


(Xn) Melaleuca cajuputi - A penetrating camphoric aroma . A very useful oil during the winter months for its clearing properties. Blends well with citruses.


Cedrus atlantica - Soothing woody aroma - helpful for oily skin and itchy scalp. Add to Aroma Disc in wardrobe to repel moths.


Roman Anthemis nobilis - Sweet fruity aroma. Excellent for skin care, especially sensitive & problem skin. Soothing and relaxing, encourages sleep.


Matricaria Recutita- Blue Chamomile , Aroma: deep, pungent, earthy floral. Ideal for stiff swollen joints and muscles - ideal in a warm compress.


(Xn) Cinnamomum zeylanicum - Spicy, warming. Stimulating to the system. An ideal room fragrance. Blends well with orange and clove. Powerful germ killer.


(Xn) Cymbopogon winterienus- Wonderfully refreshing lemony aroma, uplifting, repels insects and is deodorising- great to use in floor wash and vaporizing.


Salvia sclarea - Soothing and relaxing. Ideal for mature skin Clear, sweet aroma. Excellent nerve tonic. Blends well with nutmeg.


(Xn) Eugenia caryophyllata - Warm, spicy aroma. Excellent mouthwash and antiseptic. Repels insects. Blends well with Orange and Cinnamon Leaf.


Coriandrum sativum - Sweet, spicy aroma. Stimulating and refreshing. Useful muscle rub. Encourages appetite and digestion.


Cupressus sempervirens - refreshing aroma, natural deodorant and astringent often used in aftershave. Useful for cellulite and sweaty feet & menopause.


(Xn) Eucalyptus globulus - Strong antiseptic. A well known winter oil traditionally used for its penetrating clearing aroma. Burn to keep the air germ reduced or add to massage oil for a clearing chest rub. Ideal for sports people. Blends well with Lavender.


Sweet Foeniculum vulgare - Fresh Aniseed aroma, A detoxifying oil which improves circulation and helps combat cellulite and weight gain.


Boswellia carterii - Warm soothing aroma. Traditionally burnt as an aid for meditation - creates 'spiritual' atmosphere. Useful skin care oil - ideal for mature skin. (Claimed to have rejuvenating qualities). We also supply frankincense tears (resin) to churches, which is used during religious ceremonies.


Pelargonium graveolens - A refreshing balancing oil for mind and body. The pleasing flowery aroma is used widely in the perfume industry. Excellent for skin care.

GINGER distilled from the root

(Xn) Zingiber officinalis - ideal in winter for its warming effect. Helpful muscle tonic. Warm, spicy aroma. Characteristic of ground ginger.


(S) Citrus paradisi - Uplifting, refreshing. Good skin toner and hair tonic. Helpful during times of confusion or depression. Obtained by cold expression.


Helichrysum gymnocephalum- unique refreshing floral aroma, excellent skin care oil, muscle rub, ideal oil to vaporize in stuffy busy offices.


(Linalool type) Cinnamomum camphoric - A pleasant light flowery aroma. Relaxing and deodorizing. Add to massage oil to help combat tired muscles - especially after vigorous exercise. Extensively used in the perfume industry in place of Rosewood for its aroma and it's chemical make up is very similar to that of young Rosewood trees.

JASMINE absolute

Jasminium grandiflorum - (Xn) Relaxing, Ideal in moisturiser for dry/sensitive skin. Sensual properties. Heady, deep, floral aroma.


Juniperus communis - Antiseptic and astringent ideal for oily skin. Add to massage oil or in Bath Base for combating cellulite. Massage into scalp to encourage healthy hair. Has a cleansing effect on the body. Not to be mistaken with the cheaper Juniper.


Lavendula angustifolia - Mildest but most effective of all essential oils. Can be used neat as an antiseptic. Excellent for skin care. Restorative - helps restores balance and encourages sleep. Add a few drops to a fragrance by the bed. Blends well with many oils. We grow Organic Lavender in Devon.


(S) (Xn) Citrus limonum - Excellent antiseptic. Refreshing and uplifting - useful insect repellent and hair rinse. Can be used to lighten dull stained hands or to tone and condition nails and cuticles. Blends well with other oils. Obtained by cold expression. Waxes can separate in citruses when cold.


(Xn) Cymbopogon citratus - Strong sweet 'lemony' aroma, excellent for vaporizing to banish unpleasant smells. Uplifting and refreshing - good for tired sweaty feet, or as a rinse for greasy hair. Best not used on children. We find this oil when vaporized stimulates the appetite.

LIME (distilled)

(S) Citrus aurantifolia - Excellent tonic and antiseptic. Fresh, sweet, zesty aroma. Obtained by steam distillation . Will uplift and rejuvenate your atmosphere.


(S) Citrus reticulata - Sweet & Fruity aroma, Known to have gentle, soothing action, suitable for the very fragile. Add to massage oil to help prevent stretch marks.


Sweet Origanum marjorana - aroma is characteristic of the herb, Warming, comforting oil. Useful for tired aching muscles. Drops on a vapouriser, burner or clothe will encourage sleep. Used as a sexual depressant. Great for Celibacy and overly emotional times.


(True) (Xn) Melissa officinalis- AKA Lemon Balm. Green lemony aroma Soothing and uplifting during times of anxiety, excellent for skin care and a useful inhalation.


Commiphora myrrha - Exotic aroma. Carried into battle by Greek soldiers . Useful mouth wash and for skin care, especially problem skin. Blends well with Citrus


Melaleuca viridiflora- related to Cajeput, camphoric, cineole medicinal aroma, purifying, useful in winter. See also Tea Tree


Citrus aurantium amara - AKA orange blossom, but true Neroli is from the flowers of the bitter orange. Calming and soothing during times of stress, helps restore sleep. Ideal for skin care, especially mature/dry. Exquisite light floral aroma with bitter sweet nutty qualities. Used by Princesses and Queens as a perfume.


(Xn) Myristica fragrans - Warm, sweet, spicy aroma. Stimulates imagination & dreams. Useful muscle rub. Stimulates digestion.


(S) (Xn) Citrus sinensis - Soothing and uplifting. A warming jolly oil. Add to bath base in winter. Encourages sleep - ideal when vaporized & blends well with other oils.


Cymbopogon martinii - Excellent skin care oil, helps moisturise the skin. Ideal during difficult times. Kills household germs, use to wipe down work surfaces.


Pogostemon patchouli - A musky, exotic oil. Helps prevent dry, rough skin. Add to shampoo/final rinse for dark hair - massage into scalp for dandruff or use as a perfume. Popular during the 60's for it's earthy sensual aroma and still is. Blends well with Sandalwood, Rose or Jasmine


Rosa damascena - Known as the queen of oils because of its affinity to the female system. Widely used in skin care, especially for dry, sensitive types. Soothes anger and grief. Renowned sensual properties. Sweet floral aroma. Rose Otto solidifies under 16 degrees C and melts at hand temperature.


Rosmarinus officinalis - One of most stimulating of all oils. An ideal 'pick me up', aids memory and clear thinking. Try a few drops on a light bulb ring or Aroma Disc to combat fatigue and clear a stuffy atmosphere or car. A useful hair tonic and muscle rub. Ideal for sports people.


Santalum album - A rich musky oil often burnt as an aid to meditation. Creates an exotic atmosphere, excellent for skin care. Especially when dry or sensitive. Useful for dry/damaged hair and as a body fragrance. Antiseptic, soothing. Very tenacious traditional Indian perfume. Rub into untreated wood.


(S) (Xn) Tagetes glandulifera - A powerful, sweet floral aroma. Has excellent fungicidal properties. Repels flies. Use with caution and dilute well- do not use prior to exposure to the sun or ultra violet rays. Blends well with Lavender, Clarysage, and citrus oils. We spray our green house to stop fungus on grapes.

Photo-toxic (S) don't use on skin in the sun or in ultra-violet radiation. Okay to use in soap or Shampoo or rinse off products.

Irritant (Xn) if used on skin use extra diluted, if sensitive or allergic don't use.

Always properly dilute: percentage is oil dependent and dependent on your own sensitivities.

Kobashi Essential oil Information leaflet

Precautionary information

SINCE 1985, Kobashi Essential Oils has never had a problem with over a million bottles of Essential Oils that we have sold.

We do like to be extra cautious.

Many Aromatherapists and Practitioners prescribe Essential Oils internally. They are also used as flavorings in many foods, beverages and liqueurs, but are mixed in low dilutions (~0.1%) by professionals.

Even though, Kobashi Essential Oils and Carrier oils are as Pure and Natural as can be: we do not recommend any essential oils to be taken internally or applied undiluted to the skin - unless you are fully qualified and aware of what you are doing.

External use only. Do not ingest.

If accidentally swallowed DO NOT induce vomiting - drink at least 1 pint of water - seek medical advice. Show bottle & amount. 99.5% of Essential oils float on water.

To use simply add 4 to 8 drops in a vaporizer or on water in burner.

1 drop in 5ml (~teaspoon) of a carrier oil for on your skin or 1 to 6 drops in the bath, mixing the water well.

(Oil dependent see instructions on side of bottle.)

Certain oils may cause irritation and/or sensitizing and should be used in greater dilutions - they are all marked (Xn)

Avoid contact with the eye area:

should this happen, immediately wash eyes thoroughly with water and repeat.

Seek medical attention if stinging persists after 10 minutes.

Oils marked (S), especially Tagetes & Bergamot, should not be used on skin before exposure to the sun. Citruses have a coumarin and Furanocoumarin content, but when distilled as our Lime is, none should be found. They had been found in over 60 plants before 1937. Furanocoumarins absorb sunlight, thus should not be used on the skin when exposed to the sun. This does not apply when used in a shampoo, bath or Soap Base as most is washed away.

Some people may have allergic like reactions (allergies can only be triggered by proteins) to essential oils, just as some people are allergic to grass or pollen. Kobashi can not be held responsible for any adverse reactions from their use. If you are prone to skin sensitivity and allergic reactions dilute oils to 1% or less. If in doubt of the amount for you personally, please get professional advice.

Keep oils out of reach of children!

Use Good Housekeeping procedures.

Keep essential oils away from plastic and rubber, such as PVC and pipettes with rubber bulbs.

Our testing has shown that phthalates do not leach from our PETG, PET, HDPE plastic bottles or silicon used for our peristaltic pumps.

All our essential oils are stored in Amber Glass with polypropylene droppers, with a aprox 20 drops per ml ratio release. The drops per ml will vary accourding to density, viscosity, barametric pressure, gravitation G-force (ie shaking) and temperature. Usually, you will only have to tip the bottle and slightly turn to release air pressure to get a drop to flow.

Some oils may need gentle warming in warm water or a warm place, (but not in a direct flame): such as Rose Otto,Vanilla (defintely), Sandalwood and Benzoin.

Many Essential oils are FLAMMABLE. Keep away from fire or ignition source.

Even though some Essential oils are not Flammable, it's best to treat them as if they all are.

Used responsibly the oils are a safe natural product, here for you to enjoy and to benefit from.

For more information on essential oils and their uses, we suggest reading the many books on the subject. To get to the truth it's best to cross reference all publications & personal experiences.

The information on this page will be updated non linearly. Book mark for a safe return.

*Guenther-The Essential Oils, Krieger Publishing Company, Malabar,

Legal disclaimer: The information given on this site is not a warranty as to the performance or suitability of the product. The information must be regarded only as a general description from our knowledge for that product. The information contained herein is true and accurate to the best of our knowledge and belief, but does not claim to be all inclusive. Since the conditions of use are out of our control, Kobashi shall not be held liable for any damage resulting from handling or from contact with the product. It is the responsibility of the user to take all necessary measures to comply with legal requirements and local regulations.

Kobashi Essential oil Information leaflet


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